Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where does The last name "Byrne" Origin?

My mom says it's from France. But then I ask more questions and she keeps making up different countries about the last name's origin.

So can anyone tell me what is the origin of the last name "Byrne"?

I heard it's origin is Irish or something like that. Maybe French?

Thank you!

Where does The last name "Byrne" Origin?
To the best of my knowledge it is Irish and sometimes Scottish. I have never heard of it being French but that does not mean that it is not. It just does not look like a French name. Case in point, it is unusual for a y to be in the middle of a French word. I do not think the letter is even very common in that language.
Reply:Wow, okay, I would have thought that this name was Irish as I have friends with the last name of O'Byrne, However, according to this link it's origins are Norwegian!

Check it out:

Reply:I believe it's Irish, but I'm really sure it has nothing, whatsoever to do with dining out.

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